Success Stories

Circuit-design success stories

  • Hilbert-transform chip for processing clinical ultrasound signals
  • IP blocks for nonvolatile memory blocks (ONFI2, ONFI3)
  • IP blocks for various SERDES and USB applications
  • Low-jitter PLL’s, SAR ADC’s, DAC’s, sigma-delta ADC’s for multimedia audio and video chips
  • RAD-HARD analog blocks (comparators, DACs, power management)
  • Switching power supply chips for low-power consumer electronics
  • HV Driver circuits for high-dynamic-range MEMs display chips
  • Extreme-low-jitter CMOS timing subsystem for >50GSPS wide-dynamic-range oscilloscope
  • >100dB SNDR low-power amplifier for medical instrument
  • Low-power extreme-stability (~20 ppB) oscillator (MCXO) for applications where GPS is unavailable

Management-consulting success stories

  • Discretion requires that most of these stories remain confidential.  One exception is Evatronix.
  • Yanntek’s helped this small Polish company establish itself as a viable supplier of analog IP.  It was a real hands-on, roll-up-your-sleeves effort.  After three years of training, and nurturing, the team was strong and successful.  Cadence acquired Evatronix Q2 ’13.
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