Design Principles and Realization of Optical Circuit Boards
Explains how we combine optical and electronic design principles to produce optical circuit boards.  This invited paper was presented at the January 2013 SPIE meeting in San Francisco.

Behavioral Modeling Facilitates Chip-package Codesign
This paper tells how our team used Verilog-AMS to achieve substantial improvements in design efficiency and development time for a USB2 SERDES chip.  Presented at CDNLive! 2011 Munich.

Integrating Physical Test into the IC Studio Workflow
This shows how our team used Mentor ADMS to tightly integrate design, bring-up, and ramp-to-production of chips for high-performance video products.  Presented at the 2007 Mentor user conference.

The Quest for 100dB Isolation in Mixed-Signal ASICs
Here we look at techniques for achieving the excellent isolation often required for high-performance systems.

Sityavaka – Embedded Electronics for Spatially Diverse Sensors
Meeting the challenges of spatially distributed sensor systems (IEEE talk presented Dec 2004 in San Jose).

A_Flex_Architecture_—_spatially-Distributed Sensors
Embedding tiny sensor chips into flex circuits (Presented at 2003 Flex Electronics Fraunhofer Leipzig conference).

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