What We Do

We deliver mixed-signal circuit designs that consistently meet the tough performance, quality, and cost constraints demanded in real-world applications.

We begin by working with our customers to choose the best design approach.   We evaluate risks and manufacturability.  We calculate expected performance, yield and cost.  Once we have planned the work, we can sign off the spec and work the plan.

Tools that we use for our designs are as follows:
(1)  Algorithm:  MATLAB
(2)  Digital:   System Verilog, Incisive.
(3)  Analog:   Verilog-AMS and Spice (preferably BDA) or Spectre
(4)  Testability and verification:  UVM, VIP.
(5)  Layout:  Virtuoso, Calibre, Encounter.

Big projects often require teams that span multiple companies and multiple disciplines. Our background in physics, optics, and materials-science fits the interdisciplinary requirements that are needed in contemporary system development.

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